Kide Science - A playful science academy

Adventure for
Little Scientists
in Australia

Children get to explore the wonders of the world around them by exploring, experimenting and observing. Join us on a thrilling science adventure that has long-lasting effects.

Term 3 commencing 12th of August

Weekly on Mondays 9:45 AM & 4:30 PM or Tuesdays 9:45 AM & 4:30 PM or Wednesdays 4:30 PM at Adamstown Uniting Church, Newcastle.

$99 for 5 weeks (45 minutes per class). Please email or call 0478708818 for bookings and more information.

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Children are born experimenters

Children are naturally curious. They get to know the world around them through exploration, trial and questioning. Kide Science supports children in their natural ability to wonder and question.

Kide Science uses stories and drama to draw out kids’ curiosity towards natural phenomena. Every child will get to experience what it feels like to successfully experiment as they solve scientific puzzles and find answers to their own questions.

Play-based learning for natural sciences

Children learn naturally through play. This is why our academy is all play all the time: the instructors use dramatic devices to immerse all participants in a game of scientific play-pretend. By playing, children naturally adopt ways of thinking and doing that are scientific in their nature. This supports the participants in learning skills that are essential to understanding natural sciences.


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