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STEAM Science

Use the latest scientific research on how young children learn scientific thinking

We all know that science education for young children is important. Our world needs people that can think scientifically and the foundation for scientific literacy is built in early childhood. Play is the most effective way to build a young child’s understanding in STEM.

We also know that many early educators feel they have not received the necessary training to implement STEAM education and feel they need support. Our pedagogical model is designed to give teachers all the tools they need. We provide both training and lesson materials that steer to do STEM education playfully.

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We train you step-by-step on how to master STEAM pedagogy. We want you to feel confident when introducing scientific thinking for young children.


Lesson plans

We provide you with top-quality lesson materials that include video-guided experiments, engaging stories, pedagogical tips and equipment lists for each lesson. Just plug and play!

Peer support

Peer support

There is always a helping hand if you need one. You can ask and learn from our global Kide Science Community and from our STEAM experts in Finland.


Kide Science trial

Kide Science trial gives you a comprehensive view of teaching a playful Kide lessons. The package includes a short training video for teachers and three scientific experiments for children.


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Download an exciting story on electric phenomena: Hoseli's Electric Adventure!

The study material is aimed at children between 3 and 8 years old. Produced in collaboration with STEK, it provides engaging experiences in electricity and related concepts as well as electrical safety. The experiments work best in groups of 2 to 10 children.


Hoseli's Electric Adventure

Hoseli's Electric Adventure 1 - Light in the Corners
Hoseli's electric adventure 1 - Printouts

Hoseli's electric adventure 2 - The Power is Out
Hoseli's electric adventure 2 - Printouts

Hoseli's electric adventure 3 - Machines in Motion
Hoseli's electric adventure 3 - Printouts